Conferences and Intensives

Conferences and Intensives

Although HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY regular coursework is by distance education, periodically our students have the opportunity to meet faculty and classmates face-to-face. These are occasions of close camaraderie, discussion, bonding, mentoring and experiential learning.

Conferences:   These are most often one-two day meetings in a conference setting, with both students and the general public invited to participate.  We look forward to expanding locations for HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY Conferences as we grow.

Intensives:  Each master’s student is required to complete two or three such academic intensives before graduation, depending on the particular program.  Typically, intensives require readings and homework in the several weeks before and after the face-to-face portion. Intensive gatherings are four-to-seven days long, depending on the topic, and are held in varying retreat locations. Please see the Student Catalog for the intensive attendance requirements of each degree.

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