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The Faculty of Pagan Theology at Horapollo University stands as a bastion of scholarly pursuit, dedicated to the exploration, understanding, and preservation of ancient pagan belief systems, rituals, and cultural practices from civilizations across the world. Nestled within the venerable halls of academia, this faculty embodies a profound commitment to unraveling the mysteries and complexities of polytheistic religions, folklore, and spiritual traditions that have shaped humanity’s historical tapestry.

Led by erudite scholars and practitioners deeply immersed in the realms of comparative religion, anthropology, archaeology, and folklore studies, the Faculty of Pagan Theology fosters an environment that encourages critical inquiry and open-minded exploration. Professors and researchers within this esteemed department engage in rigorous academic inquiry, seeking to decipher ancient texts, symbols, and artifacts to glean insights into the rich and diverse belief systems of pre-Christian and non-Abrahamic societies.

Courses offered by the Faculty of Pagan Theology encompass a wide array of subjects, ranging from introductory surveys of ancient mythologies to specialized studies in specific pantheons, cosmologies, and ritualistic practices. Students are encouraged to embark on intellectual journeys that traverse the landscapes of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, the Norse traditions, Celtic lore, and various indigenous belief systems from around the globe.

The faculty is not merely a center for theoretical study but also a space where practical applications and experiential learning thrive. Students are provided with opportunities for hands-on experiences, participating in reenactments of ancient ceremonies, engaging in sacred rituals, and collaborating on archaeological expeditions to unearth forgotten remnants of pagan societies.

In addition to its academic pursuits, the Faculty of Pagan Theology serves as a hub for fostering cultural understanding, tolerance, and respect for diverse spiritual perspectives. It hosts seminars, symposiums, and conferences that bring together scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts from different backgrounds to engage in dialogue, exchange ideas, and celebrate the rich tapestry of humanity’s spiritual heritage.

Embracing a spirit of reverence for ancient wisdom while promoting scholarly rigor, the Faculty of Pagan Theology at Horapollo University stands as an esteemed institution dedicated to unraveling the enigmatic threads of humanity’s pagan past, contributing to a deeper comprehension of our collective cultural heritage.

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Olteanu Cosmin - Religious Historian & Pagan Priest

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Olteanu Cosmin - Religious Historian & Pagan Priest

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Olteanu Cosmin - Religious Historian & Pagan Priest

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