Do you believe in magic? 

The magic of spring 
Of new discovery 
The enchantment of growing in wisdom 
A flowering of excitement about your journey 
And a renewal of commitment to service? 

And do you believe in building the energy to create a source of such magic, not only for yourself, but for others? 

Horapollo University has worked its magic for so many of us. 

As we blossom, we look to you to strengthen our roots, to refill the wellspring from which our students, faculty and graduates draw inspiration on their journey outwards to their communities. 

If you believe in magic, please give now to our annual appeal. 

To work a spell with widening ripples, consider pledging a monthly or quarterly gift. 

Then step back and watch the magic grow . . . 

Donate to Horapollo University today! 

Thank you for sharing the magic. 

  • We recognize that everyone has a choice when it comes to where their money goes, and free is always attractive, but when it comes to education? We hold ourselves to a higher standard and aim to provide quality education at a reasonable price. 
  • Sounds serious, right? Well, we are serious about being a force for good, serving the spiritual needs of those around us, bringing healing where we may, and developing the next generation of Pagan leaders. Thankfully there are members of our community who understand the importance of quality education and how it can shape the future for the better. 

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