Pagan Life Academy

Pagan Life Academy

A Program of Study for Incarcerated Pagans

Congratulations on your decision to follow the path of spiritual growth.

HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY is the world’s premier source of distance education for leadership, ministry, and personal growth in Pagan and other earth-based spiritualities. We hope that these studies will support and enhance your journey to wholeness.

Contemporary Paganism is really a family of religions, the most popular of which are Asatru or Heathenry, Druidry, feminist Goddess worship, Wicca, non-Wiccan forms of religious witchcraft and reconstructionism (the attempted recreation of ancient religions such as those of Greece and Egypt). Of these Wicca is the largest. Because there may be different kinds of Pagans in any prison, we have attempted to create a Pan-Pagan prison program that includes elements from these traditions and emphasizes some of the values they have in common.

The complete Pagan Life Academy course is eight lessons, one for each of eight holy days (sabbats). They are printed on 28# paper stock, double-sided, with no staples or binding, to comply with most institutional requirements. Each lesson includes:

  • A story from mythology
  • A ritual for one holy day or sabbat
  • Some questions to think about and answer for yourself
  • Some suggestions for ways to actuate the ritual in your life

We encourage you to take all the time that you need to work through the Pagan Life Academy lessons. This is a creative process involving energy work, and the great thing about the wheel of the year is that it is always turning. Each season brings us new things to discover, year after year.


Each sabbat lesson and ritual costs $5.  Obviously, PLA is not a moneymaker for HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY, so we appreciate your not copying lessons.  They are copyrighted, and several people worked hard on them for more than two years.  The “Welcome and Introduction” costs $3; it has a lot of instructional material, so be sure to order that with your first lesson.

Where to Start

You can jump in at any point, so we recommend that you order the lesson for whatever sabbat is coming up.  Be sure to order the “Welcome and Introduction” with your first lesson, since it has lots of directions that apply to each lesson.

Recognition of Completion

When you have worked through all eight lessons, you may apply to receive recognition of your achievement, a Certificate of completion for the Pagan Learning Academy.  Write us to request your Certificate.

For Chaplains and other Volunteers

We hope you find the Pagan Learning Academy lessons useful in your work with incarcerated Pagans.  Should you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

For Writers, Ministers and Ritualists

These first eight lessons are the beginning of a dynamic, growing and changing response to the needs of Pagan inmates.  If you are inspired to create additional lessons which may increase the breadth and depth of the Pagan Life Academy, we welcome submissions.  Note that the Pagan Life Academy is our gift to the community, with no payments or royalties going to writers.  HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY reserves the right to edit copy as needed, or to decline use of a submission.


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