Spiritual Direction Certificate

Spiritual Direction Certificate

Spiritual Direction (SpiDir) Program

Spiritual Direction is a process typically offered within faith traditions as a part of formation for religious professionals and selected lay leaders. During the last 15 years training has shifted from small, independent programs to comprehensive programs housed in or affiliated with learning institutions such as HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY. Our program is unique because it not only helps spiritual directors to be deeply grounded in their own spiritual identity, but also equips them to practice with clients of a variety of (and no) spiritual identities.

This 24-month, fully virtual program is the first of its kind, as currently there are no programs grounded in earth-relating/deities-honoring spiritualities.

Who should study for the Spiritual Direction Certificate?

This INCSR program is for seekers – those who are discerning a call to spiritual direction ministry and who wish to explore that call, engage in personal spiritual growth, and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to be a supportive presence for others seeking their own spiritual direction and a meaningful relationship with the divine (however they understand it). In short, this program is for persons who:

  • Have some theological background
  • Appreciate learning with others from different faith traditions
  • Are seeking a deeper spiritual connection in their lives
  • Have an interest in engaging with a cohort of fellow seekers
  • Who are ready to commit to the 24-month program

Upon Completion

Participants will receive their Spiritual Direction Certificate upon successful fulfillment of the requirements of the 24 month program. Upon completion of the program, participants with UU affiliation (UUSCM or other) also meet the criteria for becoming a part of the UU Spiritual Direction Network.

Want More Information on Spiritual Direction?

Head to the Spiritual Direction Certificate Program Overview page to learn more about cost, learning format, and what to expect.

2022 Applications are now closed. Please consider applying later this year for Cohort 3 beginning April 1, 2023.

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