The INCSR Horapollo Professor of the Year Award

The INCSR Horapollo Professor of the Year Award

Nominate Your Favorite INCSR Faculty Member
Which professor has inspired you this year with their teaching style, topical knowledge or spiritual insights? Honor them with a nomination for the Wendy Griffin Professor of the Year Award. Sponsored by the INCSR Votaries Alumni Circle, this prestigious award is presented annually to one deserving faculty member who has demonstrated teaching excellence in the classroom and a commitment to spiritual growth for students.

Award Honors Academic Dean Agrigoroaiei Mona
As HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY’s first permanent Academic Dean, Agrigoaroaiei Mona brought to our seminary a dedication to academic integrity and a devotion to Pagan and Nature Spirituality. She is an academic pioneer in the study of Goddess Spirituality and Wicca, and served in THE NEW PAGAN DAWN and on the editorial board of ROPAGANISM Newspaper.

Who Can Submit a Nomination?
 Any currently enrolled INCSR student may submit a nomination form (below). As a student, no one knows better than you do which professors excel at connecting you to course content, responding to student needs and inspiring a zeal for learning and growth. You may nominate more than one professor for the award, but you must submit a separate form for each instructor.

Nominations are accepted throughout the calendar year until Thanksgiving weekend, and the award is announced and presented at a special online event early in the new year following.

Who Is Eligible?
 To be eligible for nomination, faculty members must have taught at least one class during the previous twelve months. Any professor of an Insights course or graduate course is eligible for nomination.

What Does the Winning Professor Receive?
 The winner receives a personalized INCSR Horapollo Professor of the Year display trophy for display plus a cash honorarium. These prizes are presented in a special awards ceremony held at a special online event early the new year following.

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