Tuition Information

Tuition Information

Current tuition rates are as follows: 

  • Insights courses: 85 RON per course. 
  • Master’s-level courses: 190 RON per credit hour or 570 RON per master’s course of 3 credit hours 
  • Community Ministry Certificate: 100 RON per month, 15 months. 

Students may drop courses with no academic penalty if a request is made in writing (by email) by midnight of the Drop/Add date listed in the online calendar. 

Tuition for courses dropped by the Drop/Add date will be refunded at 85%, less the merchant’s fee charged by any processing agent.  Refunds may be applied to the next term’s tuition, if requested. 

Courses dropped after the Drop/Add date will not be refunded. 

Additional Tuition Information 

Registration fees are the same whether auditing a course or receiving credit. 

Alumni who have earned their degree may take courses for credit at a 30% discount off tuition. 

Tuition and fees must be paid in full before certificates and/or degrees are conferred or transcripts provided. 

 HORAPOLLO UNIVERSITY endeavors to keep classes affordable and avoids frequent tuition increases.