Tuition Installments Information 

You may elect to pay your tuition in installments. 

For a master’s course: payment 1 is 200 RON, then monthly payments of 125 RON each for three months. 
For an Insights course: payment 1 is 45 RON, then a balance of 45 RON is due the second week of class.

For this payments we only accept wired bank transfer at these details:

Beneficiary: THE NEW PAGAN DAWN Association

ID: 43093143

Donation account RON:  RO43 CECE B0003 0RON 1166 319 for CEC Bank SA


 After your transfer please attach your prove and mail us at

To pay with installments, visit the Installments page and select the Initial Registration Payment.  Revisit this page monthly for an additional three months to make payments. 

Note that once you begin paying by installment, if you fail to make subsequent payments on time you will be immediately removed from the classroom and will not receive a grade for the course. If you catch up your payment within 7 days, your classroom access will be restored. 

It is your responsibility to communicate with your professor should such a lapse occur.